Thursday, 27 March 2008

LBO-ISSUE: I'm An Art Student, What Laptop Should I Get?

I'm An Art Student, What Laptop Should I Get?

Since i first used a computer, i had always used a windows operating system. Thats face it...everyone did. Microsoft was one of the biggest companies back in the day when i was a wee nipper, it was always about windows 95", 98", And when XP came out, it was like a gift that came down from heaven. But if you are anything like me, you will probably realize that when you first start university, you will notice a big change with the type of operating system and software universities use...especially if your studying or going to study at a university that majors in Graphic Design. For almost 15 years i had always used windows for the internet, for work, for games. i was almost brainwashed by my schools to believe that to survive, you need to get a windows operating computer. And that changed when i first started My graphic Design : New Media Class at the beginning of autumn 2007.  Before studying graphics, the year before, i took a foundation course to improve my knowledge and skills on Art. At this time i had a very old ACER laptop, and my god, was it slow. It took 3 hours to charge the dam thing, the only problem is that when fully charged, the thing only lasted for 45 minuets lol. Trying to do my work, especially when working on programs like Photoshop and illustrator was painful. Yes, i could of just got up the next morning, popped down to PC World and just buy another laptop, but i had things to consider this time. When i was finally 19 years old near to end of my foundation course, i finally came to realize that if i was going to succeed as a graphic designer, i was going to need to get my self a Macbook. At first, i had mixed fought s, weaver or not i should get myself a high powered windows laptop (e.g like a Dell XPS System) or a Apple Macbook/ Macbook Pro. Three weeks before the end of the summer holidays, i went to london and brought myself a 120gb White Macbook, and i believe that it is one of the best decisions that i have made in my life. It took a little getting used to at first (of course, mates of mine had already had Macbooks, so i knew roughly how to use it) but after about a week, i couldn't stop loving it, i changed my faith, and now i will never buy myself a windows operating computer again. Now there are some people that say "oh, but there's some things you can't Run on a mac" which is true, not all programs for windows are there for Mac, But There are better Programs out there to download for Mac. everything that i used on my last PC (torrents downloading, Genesis Emulators, Word and Power Point) i Found different ones for my Mac, and to be Honest i feel they are better than the old programs i had for my PC. No matter what it is, there's always a chance that you will find something similar for  Mac. for the first couple of weeks i was searching patches and programs on google that could make things run on my Macbook. I like to say "If something goes wrong, or you get stuck, Search it on Google" because your not the only one who has hit a problem, there are thousands that have all hit the same problem, and they've probably blogged on about it lol.
But getting back to the main point. If you are an Art Student and you are trying to decide what laptop or computer you need to get, there are a couple of things you need to think about, one of them is to do with what course you are doing?
I would suggest that if you are planning to go into the Graphic Design Business, and your key strengths are using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, Then i think a Macbook is the right choice for you. Macbook's were Built For design Purposes, because they can handle the power and the speed, and i think the interface is much better than a PC.
If you are planning to go into the Animation Business, you could use a Mac and use programs like "Cinema 4D" or "Maya" (Like I'am Using at the moment). but the number one 3D program that most big Animators use is "3Ds Max", and unfortunately They only run on window PC. so if thats your goal for the future, i would get a high Powered Windows Laptop. If your looking to just write up notes and essays, then either system will do, both use Microsoft Office 2008, or if you can't buy it for your Mac you can Also buy Apples Office suite or download a couple Of open Source (freeware) office suites from the internet.

At the end of the Day, its up to you, what you are comfortable with the choice is completely up to you. you can still use photoshop and that on a PC. But overall, if your looking for something that is built well, especially designed  for the soul purpose of design only, then i do suggest that you Get yourself a Macbook. Honestly folks, when you get one ... you won't be Disappointed, Trust Me. And if you still do need to use some Windows Programs and you have a Mac... Don't worry, therese a Program from the Apple Mac website which allows to have both Windows and Mac running on the same Laptop. And Thats Defiantly Something you can't do on a Windows PC.

P.s If you also enjoy playing a few games now and then, ultimately PC's are gonna win that battle, because they produce the most games for there systems. but with most of the big Games, your probably find that they will be released on Mac's 2 - 6 Months after the PC release. Or you can just get both systems on you Macbook :)


LBO-ISSUE: Google wants To Use White Space For Wireless Internet

Now although this story is in America, it is a very interesting one that if, allowed could change the way people use the internet. According to news sources, the Multi Million Search Engine that is greatly uses on the WWW 'Google' has reveled a plan to use wireless internet across unused TV Signals called White Spaces. White spaces are unused and unlicensed TV airwaves that Television broadcaster say, that if used, can disrupt previous Tv signals. However Google has stated that there is technology that can deal with signal disruption to prevent the signals interfering with each. Google says that this offers a 'Ones in a Life Time' opportunity to bring unlimited wireless internet access to everyone, everywhere, no matter what.
Of course, having unlimited internet no matter where you are would be a big step for everyone. having complete access to the internet, all through the touch of a button, be it someone working on there laptop, or even someone on there mobile phone... the possibilities are endless. If this does go through, i can see google, one day controlling the internet, as this will defiantly put up some competition to previous broadband providers. Who knows, five years From now, we could all be paying an annual fee to google to access the internet.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

LBO-ISSUE: What I'm looking to do

Hello and welcome to the My New Website LBO-ISSUE. My name is Luke and i am a student living in the United Kingdom. Recently i have decided that i needed an extra hobby to take up and since everyone talks about blogging this and blogging that, i decided that i would give it a go.

I decided that as i am a Student, i fought i would talk about the things students do, hopefully by doing this, i hope that this blog will become a learning point full all new students in the future, giving them that extra head start in the game, preparing them for what they are about to face e.g Financial issues, and accommodation, to the stupid little things like, what computer i should get and whats the best website to download movies and music.I will also be adding some key important news issues that i think every student should know about.

keep on the look out for the posts that i will be publishing....

kind regards,



Welcome To The LBO-ISSUE. This site brings you the latest news and information for Students that are starting or started university, giving them key information to help with what ever they need to know about being a University Student. If you have any questions, or Wish to express your views or opinions please feel free to leave comments on the LBO-Issue Blog postings.